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Short on different Dynamics

Overblowing can be used to select definite harmonics with great precision, especially when performed with a sharp attack. This makes it possible for staccato sounds to produce different harmonic tones while keeping the same finger position (fundamental tone).
As far as the notation of overblow is concerned, it is important to keep in mind that not all the harmonics produced with this technique are in tune with the theoretic harmonic series, so it may be more effective to notate the numeral of the harmonic to be selected rather than the effectively resulting note.


a4-ShortDynamics N


Listen OverBlow A

OverBlow A N


Listen OverBlow F

OverBlow F Rapid N


Listen OverBlow F Rapid

In some special cases, like at the first level of overblow, it is possible to notate the resulting tone with greater precision (in this case usually ottava and dueodecima overtones). Sometimes, especially on the very low registers, very high harmonics are also clearly audible with a defined pitch (in this case two octaves plus a fifth and three octaves).



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