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Overblow Transitions

The easiest and most effective way to obtain a transition with overblow is to attack the overblow sharply as to select a clear harmonic tone and then lowering the air pressure and the dynamics in a diminuendo which also leads to a descent of the harmonics:

OverBlow transition F N

Listen OverBlow transition F


Since the gradual onset of harmonics is more difficult, because it may easily produce unwanted noises, squeaks or multiphonics, it is most effective as a short "levare" gesture followed by a staccato overblow:

OverBlow transition F Attack N

Listen OverBlow transition F Attack


Combining a gradual attack and decaying is also possible, but it may be difficult to produce a real smooth transition, so this can be substituted with similar gestures employing labium, for example.

OverBlow transition F Slow N

Listen OverBlow transition F Slow

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