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Reverse Slaps

A similar tongue action as for the slap, but performed while breathing in rather than breathing out, produces a different percussive sound, which is smoother in timbre and has a slightly longer attack and a percussive ending. It can retain some noticeable tonal correlation with the finger position as well. Reverse slaps can also be connected to form fast-repetition gestures. The length of such gestures is proportional to the dynamic level. Softer gestures require less breathing of air, so they can be sustained for a longer duration. Louder gestures require deep inspiration and accordingly must be kept shorter.

Reverse Slap C

Slap Reverse seq C N

Reverse Slap E

Slap Reverse seq E N

Reverse Slap F

Slap Reverse seq F N

Reverse Slap C-E-F

Slap Reverse C E F N

Reverse slap is also possible in association with Labium technique, which can alter the brightness of the sound.

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