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Gesture Examples

Examples of complex gestures and decorrelation of parameters from the work "Quattro variazioni sul ritmo del vento" by Agostino Di Scipio for Amplified Paetzold Contrabass in F and Live Electronics.

These examples have a peculiar notation in which the upper 5-line staff indicates the key positions and action made by the hands and the second one-line staff indicates the actions to be made with the mouth (breathing, articulations, etc...) and the last 3 lines are employed as a notation for electronics.

This is very useful to describe some gestures which don't require a regular coordination between breathing, mouth articulation and movement of keys, as to produce strange and new sounds.

This is a clear example of decorrelation and an explanation of notation:

Example 4

These requires the use of the mouthpiece only, detached from the instrument:

Example 1

Example 2

This employs the use of keys like a percussion:

Example 3


These also require action on labium:

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7

Singing in the instrument, voice and sound:

Example Romitelli

In this example from "Seascape" for amplified Paetzold Contrabass in F by Fausto Romitelli there is a conjoined virtuosity of both voice and instrumental part.

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